GDDR6 To Become Next Generation Graphics Solution Not GDDR5 or GDDR5X, Says Micron

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    In the pursuit of higher bandwidth, next generation graphics, increased HBM2 memory, it always gets expensive from GPU manufacturer perspective, as they put efforts and collaborations with 3rd party companies to create a next generation technology or hardware.

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    For such peculiar reasons, industry and emerging video game markets always welcome cheaper options, as long as they keep products competitive. The next generation of graphics problem does not lie in manufacturing GRRD5 or GDDR5X technology or even its iteration.

    Though as soon as we switch towards higher HBM series, the problem lies in ditching of the GDDR series. Should we feel more concern towards increased HBM2 bandwidth for next generation technology or graphics solution, or increased GDDR memory will do the work?

    Micron answers and sheds light on its upcoming memory technology by saying that regardless of persuasion of HBM2 or GDDR5X, the company has a better way to offer next generation technology jump.

    Micron is working towards development of GDDR6 which is being developed simultaneously with GDDR5X. It will soon enter the graphics market and it will push GDDR5 out of the market somewhere by the year 2020.


    The GDDR6 memory will increase the bandwidth per pin up to 16 GB/s, that’s 10x faster than DDR3. Meanwhile, current solutions based on GDDR5X offer 10 GB/s per pin. So if we were to use GDDR6 on, let’s say GTX 1080′, we would get 512 GB/s of bandwidth, just as much as Radeon R9 Fury X.

    Micron has not given any release date for GDDR6 yet, but it is expected to hit the market by the end of the year. Micron plotted a chart related to growth in PC graphics and game console, the interesting thing to note in the plot is that after 2020, GCDR5 will be replaced by GDDR6 and that will be a game changer in next generation technology.

    Check out the image below:


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