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    Peace & mercy of Allah be upon you. I've recently purchased some products from your shop and among them a cpu cooler (CPU THERMALTAKE RIING SILENT PRO 12 RED LED) and a chassis (THERMALTAKE VERSA U21). Now, the problem which I'm encountering is that the cooler height is about 160mm while the case can only accommodate tower coolers of roughly 155mm in height ( cpu cooler clearance). Yet, and just before passing my order, I contacted your service commercial (Lahlou Industrie) to whether confirm or disconfirm, for me, the compatibility of the cpu cooler and the pc case, and accordingly they replied me: '' oui compatible ." Therefore I ended up by buying these two products. In fact, I'm very happy with the purchase and very disappointed at the same time being unable to get benefit from that cpu cooler. So, please I want you to advise me what to do regarding the fact that the cooler is too big and the side panel of my case can barely be closed. Should I buy another cooler? I need your help...Thanks in advance.
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