NZXT reveals their first motherboard, the N7 Z370

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    NZXT launches their first motherboard, will ship in late January for $299
    By William Gayde on Jan 10, 2018, 7:45 AM

    NZXT, known mainly for their computer cases and cooling solutions, has now entered the motherboard market with their new N7 Z370 board. Many were surprised at this announcement given the complexity of motherboard design compared to a simple CPU fan. Nevertheless, here we have it and they've gone all out on the customization.

    The N7 features a full-metal design with coverings similar to the Asus's Sabertooth line of boards. The board will retail for $300 and is scheduled to start shipping in January.


    It's clear that NZXT has focused heavily on the modding community with this board given the numerous customization options. The color scheme can be changed by swapping out additional heatsink covers and the full motherboard cover. The heatsinks are available in blue, red, and purple while the much larger cover is available in black and white. These additional covers will be priced at $15.

    As expected, the motherboard also comes with NZXT's Hue+ RGB lighting system. The lighting and various motherboard colors can help make for a very clean build.


    In terms of other specifications, the N7 Z370 has two M.2 connectors, support for SLI and CrossFire, support for memory speeds in excess of 3866 MHz, and a 15-phase power design.

    Founder and CEO Johnny Hou also released the following statement about the launch:

    "Leveraging our years of experience as professional PC builders, we've designed the N7 motherboard with a completely new approach. In the face of increasing complexity in the PC gaming market, we want to make building easier and more enjoyable, with the N7 as a cornerstone for this new experience. Everything you need--from easy layout and obvious connections to digital fan control and RGB lighting--is included. We've also designed a completely unique motherboard cover so it's both beautiful and powerful. You can't build a quieter, better-looking system as easily as you can with our new N7 motherboard."

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